Duo Emission of CVD Nanodiamonds Doped by SiV and GeV Color Centers: Effects of Growth Conditions

Materials (Basel). 2022 May 18;15(10):3589. doi: 10.3390/ma15103589.


The investigation of the hot filament chemical vapor deposition nanodiamonds with simultaneously embedded luminescent GeV- and SiV- color centers from solid sources showed that both the absolute and relative intensities of their zero-phonon lines (at 602 and 738 nm) depend on nanodiamond growth conditions (a methane concentration in the CH4/H2 gas mixture, growth temperature, and time). It is shown that a controlled choice of parameters of hot filament chemical vapor deposition synthesis makes it possible to select the optimal synthesis conditions for tailoring bicolor fluorescence nanodiamond labels for imaging biological systems.

Keywords: Raman spectroscopy; chemical vapor deposition; color centers; nanodiamonds; photoluminescence.