IoT-Based Multi-Sensor Healthcare Architectures and a Lightweight-Based Privacy Scheme

Sensors (Basel). 2022 Jun 3;22(11):4269. doi: 10.3390/s22114269.


Health 4.0 is a new promising addition to the healthcare industry that innovatively includes the Internet of Things (IoT) and its heterogeneous devices and sensors. The result is the creation of numerous smart health applications that can be more effective, reliable, scalable and cost-efficient while facilitating people with their everyday life and health conditions. Nevertheless, without proper guidance, the employment of IoT-based health systems can be complicated, especially with regard to security challenges such susceptible application displays. An appropriate comprehension of the structure and the security demands of IoT-based multi-sensor systems and healthcare infrastructures must first be achieved. Furthermore, new architectures that provide lightweight, easily implementable and efficient approaches must be introduced. In this paper, an overview of IoT integration within the healthcare domain as well as a methodical analysis of efficient smart health frameworks, which mainly employ multiple resource and energy-constrained devices and sensors, will be presented. An additional concern of this paper will be the security requirements of these key IoT components and especially of their wireless communications. As a solution, a lightweight-based security scheme, which utilizes the lightweight cryptographic primitive LEAIoT, will be introduced. The proposed hardware-based design displays exceptional results compared to the original CPU-based implementation, with a 99.9% increase in key generation speed and 96.2% increase in encryption/decryption speed. Finally, because of its lightweight and flexible implementation and high-speed keys' setup, it can compete with other common hardware-based cryptography architectures, where it achieves lower hardware utilization up to 87.9% with the lowest frequency and average throughput.

Keywords: Health 4.0; IoT; cryptography; healthcare architectures; lightweight privacy; sensors.

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