Endometriosis in transmasculine individuals

Reprod Fertil. 2022 Apr 20;3(2):C7-C10. doi: 10.1530/RAF-21-0096. eCollection 2022 Apr 1.


Transmasculine people are assigned female at birth but identify as male. These patients often are prescribed testosterone therapy as part of their transition. This treatment can affect ovulation and stop menstrual periods. Endometriosis is a common condition that causes pelvic pain in some people born with female pelvic organs. Not a lot is known about transmasculine people and how often endometriosis affects them. Testosterone should help treat if not reduce the incidence of endometriosis. This commentary looks at the current literature in order to help clarify existing knowledge gaps. Transmasculine patients who present for hysterectomy as a surgery to help them affirm themselves in their self-identified gender sometimes report pelvic pain symptoms as well. There are many reasons why patients report pain before surgery, and this can be related to endometriosis, even though this diagnosis is less expected in this group. Providers caring for transmasculine patients should be aware of this.

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