The Mitochondrial tRNAPhe 625G>A Mutation in Three Han Chinese Families With Cholecystolithiasis

Front Genet. 2022 May 27;13:814729. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2022.814729. eCollection 2022.


In this study, we assessed three Chinese families with inherited cholecystolithiasis and conducted the clinical, genetic, and molecular characterization of these subjects. Eight of eighteen matrilineal relatives had a clinical phenotype in these three families. Sequence analysis of complete mitochondrial genomes in these probands identified the homoplasmic tRNAPhe 625 G > A mutation and distinct sets of mtDNA polymorphisms belonging to haplogroups H2, F4b, and M10a. The 625G > A mutation disturbed the classic G-C base-pairings at a highly conserved position 49 in the T-stem of mitochondrial tRNAs. Molecular dynamics simulation showed that the structure of tRNAphe with 625 G > A mutation was noticeably remodeled while compared with the isoform of the wild type. The occurrence of tRNAPhe 625 G > A mutation in these various genetically unrelated subjects strongly indicates that this mutation is involved in the pathogenesis of cholecystolithiasis. This is the first evidence that tRNA mutations are associated with cholecystolithiasis, and it provided more insights into the genetic mechanism of cholecystolithiasis.

Keywords: cholecystolithiasis; mitochondrial; mutation; pedigree; tRNA.