A Modeling and Simulation Method for Preliminary Design of an Electro-Variable Displacement Pump

J Vis Exp. 2022 Jun 1:(184). doi: 10.3791/63593.


Electro-hydrostatic actuators (EHAs) have been considerably researched in academia, and their applications in various industrial fields are expanding. The variable-speed EHA has now taken priority over the variable-displacement EHA, but its driving motor and associated electronics encounter issues when applied in high-power applications: low-dynamics, high thermal dissipation, high price, etc. Therefore, a variable-displacement EHA equipped with an electro-variable displacement pump (EVDP) has been considered. The EVDP itself is a mechatronic system that integrates a piston pump, a ball screw, a gearbox, and a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). Consequently, the EVDP needs to be investigated to ensure its system-level performance when applied in an EHA. In addition to the previous research on the technical parameters of the EVDP, a dedicated design method is necessary for further reducing the cost of using the EVDP and exploring its performance potential. Here, a simulation based EVDP preliminary design method is selected for designing a 37 kW EVDP. Firstly, a previously proposed multidisciplinary model of the EVDP is extended by improving the parameter generation, including the EVDP life, reliability, control models, etc. Secondly, the proposed model is partially verified using a downsized prototype. Thirdly, the EVDP is simulated at a system level, supported by the proposed model. The EVDP performance is evaluated according to the specified design requirements. The temperature, bandwidth and accuracy, reliability and lifetime, etc., are all predicted for the EVDP. The simulation results demonstrate the EVDP's applicability in variable-displacement EHA. The proposed modeling and simulation method can be used to evaluate diverse EVDP performance and respond to general design requirements. The method can also support the resolution of the preliminary design challenges in terms of limited information and robustness. Therefore, the proposed method is appropriate for the realization of the simulation-based EVDP preliminary design method.

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