Evolution of determinant factors of maximal sprinting and repeated sprint ability in women soccer players

Sci Rep. 2022 Jun 23;12(1):10633. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-13241-x.


The present study aimed to determine the influence of force-power-velocity, vertical and horizontal jumps, and repeated sprint ability on the sprinting performance of adult women soccer players. Eighteen women soccer players from one team participating in the first female national Spanish soccer league were analyzed. Fitness assessments were performed twice in a period of three months. The following assessments were made to reach the aim of the study: (1) anthropometric measures, (2) CMJ (0%, 20% and 40%), (3) hop test (dominant and nondominant leg), (4) linear sprinting at 30 m and (5) RSA test. The main evidence of this study revealed the meaningful contribution of lower-limb power (vertical and horizontal jump), maximal sprint and peak power on sprinting time performance, while stride frequency was meaningfully explained by vertical jump and maximal sprinting. In fact, positive moderate and large correlations were found between Time and CMJ, CMJ 20%, CMJ 40%, Hop Test Dominant and Non-dominant, and Pmax and MS of Force-Power-Velocity (r = - 0.73, p = 0.001; r = - 0.68, p = 0.002; r = - 0.51, p = 0.03; r = - 0.64, p = 0.004; r = - 0.57, p = 0.013; r = - 0.78, p = 0.001, and r = - 0.83, p = 0.001, respectively). In sum, peak power, maximal speed, and lower-limb power (in vertical and horizontal jumps) were significant determinants of sprinting performance (time), while vertical jump was the determinant of stride frequency. In addition, our findings suggest that potentiation and explosive vertical power could be the emphasis for sustaining the stride frequency of women soccer players, while sprinting performance should be supported by strong acceleration and maximal velocity sustained by both vertical and horizontal force and concentric and eccentric strength and power.

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