Comparative Analysis of Waste Materials for Their Potential Utilization in Green Concrete Applications

Materials (Basel). 2022 Jun 13;15(12):4180. doi: 10.3390/ma15124180.


The utilization of solid waste in useful product is becoming a great deal of worth for individuals, organizations, and countries themselves. The powder of waste glass and silica fumes are also considered major waste materials across the globe. In this paper, the physico-chemical, thermal, and morphological properties of both waste powders are investigated in order to determine their suitability for use as a partial replacement for cement in basic concrete. They are suitable for use in concrete due to their pozzolanic and other basic properties. Extensive testing, in terms of the compressive strength test, the slump test, and the flexural strength test, has been carried out to study the replacement of cement in the range of 5-15% by waste glass powder for curing ages of 7 and 28 days. The FTIR analyses of both materials are studied for determining the effect of characteristics of chemical bonding and intense bands with bending vibrations of O-Si-O bonds. Experimental results indicate towards the potential utilization of wastes in concrete in terms of green concrete.

Keywords: green concrete; strength; waste materials.