Compositional Effects of Additively Manufactured Refractory High-Entropy Alloys under High-Energy Helium Irradiation

Nanomaterials (Basel). 2022 Jun 10;12(12):2014. doi: 10.3390/nano12122014.


High-Entropy Alloys (HEAs) are proposed as materials for a variety of extreme environments, including both fission and fusion radiation applications. To withstand these harsh environments, materials processing must be tailored to their given application, now achieved through additive manufacturing processes. However, radiation application opportunities remain limited due to an incomplete understanding of the effects of irradiation on HEA performance. In this letter, we investigate the response of additively manufactured refractory high-entropy alloys (RHEAs) to helium (He) ion bombardment. Through analytical microscopy studies, we show the interplay between the alloy composition and the He bubble size and density to demonstrate how increasing the compositional complexity can limit the He bubble effects, but care must be taken in selecting the appropriate constituent elements.

Keywords: TEM; helium bubbles; high-entropy alloys; refractory metals.