Continuous Hepatogonodal and Splenogonogal Fusion: A Rare Cause of Bilateral Intra-Abdominal Testis in an 18-Month-Old Boy

European J Pediatr Surg Rep. 2022 Jun 25;10(1):e80-e83. doi: 10.1055/s-0042-1747671. eCollection 2022 Jan.


The fusion of gonadal structures with internal organs is very rare. The close proximity between the left gonad and spleen during embryogenesis may result in splenogonadal fusion (SGF). Moreover, the trapping of hepatocyte-destined mesenchyme cells in gonads is defined as hepatogonadal fusion (HGF). The fusion of gonads with intra-abdominal organs may be continuous and may impair testicular descent during the prenatal period. We herein report an 18-month-old boy presented with bilateral nonpalpable testis due to concomitant continuous HGF and SGF. To our knowledge, this is the first case of concomitant HGF and SGF in a boy with bilateral intra-abdominal testis. Laparoscopic excision of fibrous cords and orchidopexy can be achieved despite continuous fusions.

Keywords: hepatogonadal fusion; splenogonadal fusion; undescended testis.

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