Dysphagia Presentation, Airway Invasion, and Gender Differences in a Clinically Based Sample of People with Parkinson's Disease

Dysphagia. 2023 Feb;38(1):353-366. doi: 10.1007/s00455-022-10472-y. Epub 2022 Jul 9.


Dysphagia in People with Parkinson's Disease (PWPD) is expected to occur in most individuals. The manifestation of dysphagia and its salient swallow dysfunction characteristics leading to decreased airway safety are not well understood. The aim of this study was to quantify dysphagia presentation and severity, examine contributors to airway invasion, and explore gender differences in dysphagia manifestation in PWPD. 60 PWPD in clinical, healthcare settings underwent a Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study (VFSS) after referral for complaints of dysphagia. VFSS records and videos were analyzed to obtain dysphagia diagnosis, Videofluoroscopic Dysphagia Scale (VDS) scores, laryngeal vestibule kinematic timings, and Penetration-Aspiration Scale scores. Frequencies of VDS component and PAS scores were examined. MANOVA and logistic regression analyses were used to identify predictors of penetration and aspiration. Pharyngeal stage dysphagia was prevalent throughout PWPD and presented more frequently than oral stage dysphagia. Pharyngeal residue was a significant predictor for aspiration events. Laryngeal vestibule closure reaction time (LVCrt) and duration time (LVCd) were significant predictors of airway invasion, as were bolus consistency and volume. LVCrt, LVCd, and pharyngeal stage VDS scores were significantly altered in men compared to women in PWPD. A broad clinical sample of PWPD displayed atypical frequencies of airway invasion and frequent atypical scores of oral and pharyngeal stage physiologies. Thicker and smaller bolus consistencies significantly reduced the odds of airway invasion. Men and women presented with significantly different swallow physiology including prolonged LVCrt, LVCd, and more frequent atypical scores of pharyngeal residue and laryngeal elevation.Journal instruction requires a country for affiliations; however, these are missing in affiliation [1, 2]. Please verify if the provided country are correct and amend if necessary.Yes, USA is correct as the provided country.

Keywords: Deglutition; Deglutition Disorders; Dysphagia; Gender; Laryngeal Kinematics; Parkinson’s Disease.

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