Optimization of doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG)based wind turbine to achieve maximum power generation with imperialist competitive algorithm (ICA)

Sci Prog. 2022 Jul-Sep;105(3):368504221113193. doi: 10.1177/00368504221113193.


Today, due to the end of fossil fuels and efforts to reduce the use of renewable resources, wind energy is a suitable option for the production of electrical energy due to its high-power generation. To increase the output efficiency of wind turbines, maximum power point tracking techniques are required for wind turbine energy conversion systems. In this research, the maximum power point (MPPT) method for two-way fed wind turbine systems (DFIG) is presented. The performance of the induction generator is presented on both sides of the power and the values of this generator such as speed, torque, voltage, current and maximum power at the time of wind speed changes. The presented work is presented in two scenarios and the model is performed without the algorithm then, a maximum power point tracking method based on the Colonial Competition Algorithm (ICA) has been applied to estimate the power of the two power induction generators. According to the results, it can be said that in the scenario with the algorithm of generating electric power by the turbine, several times in the production state is 9 MW, which is the rate of the turbine's nominal power, while in another scenario, the power generated by the turbine is 85% of the power in the state with the algorithm.

Keywords: DFIG; imperialist competitive algorithm; maximum power point; optimization.