Temporary cessation of ibrutinib results in reduced grade 3-4 infections and durable remissions-Interim analysis of an on-off-repeat Phase 1b/2 study in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

EJHaem. 2021 Jul 14;2(3):525-529. doi: 10.1002/jha2.261. eCollection 2021 Aug.


Ibrutinib is used continuously in CLL. This phase 1b/2 study interim analysis explored on-off-repeat dosing to reduce toxicity. After 12 months, 16/22 patients (73%) remained in first off-phase irrespective if initial CR/PR or TP53 aberration. Grade 3-4 infections were reduced from 55% to 5% during a similarly long off-phase (P < .01). Treg and exhausted T-cells increased (P = .01). Six patients restarted ibrutinib at early progression and remain drug-sensitive. Our interim analysis shows a durable off-phase in most patients, with reduced infections and cost-saving potential. If toxicity-driven permanent cessation of ibrutinib will be affected will be explored in the extended study.