Nihon Hinyokika Gakkai Zasshi. 2021;112(3):146-149. doi: 10.5980/jpnjurol.112.146.
[Article in Japanese]


A 36-year-old male with right scrotal induration visited a local physician and ultrasonography showed a mass in the right testicle. He was referred to our hospital, where an additional ultrasonography examination revealed a 1×1-cm mass with clear borders, a heterogeneous interior, slight hyperintensity, and abundant blood flow in the upper part of the right testis. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography results indicated a massive lesion with an uneven contrast effect in the right testis and no evidence of metastasis, while magnetic resonance imaging showed the tumor with bleeding and internal heterogeneity. All tumor markers were negative. Under a diagnosis of primary germ cell tumor of the testis without metastasis, a high orchiectomy was performed. The pathological diagnosis was sertoli cell tumor. Histopathologically, the tumor was benign and no additional treatment was performed. Three years after the operation, the patient was well and without complications.

Keywords: sertoli cell tumor; testicular tumor.

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