A Reinforcement Learning Control in Hot Stamping for Cycle Time Optimization

Materials (Basel). 2022 Jul 11;15(14):4825. doi: 10.3390/ma15144825.


Hot stamping is a hot metal forming technology increasingly in demand that produces ultra-high strength parts with complex shapes. A major concern in these systems is how to shorten production times to improve production Key Performance Indicators. In this work, we present a Reinforcement Learning approach that can obtain an optimal behavior strategy for dynamically managing the cycle time in hot stamping to optimize manufacturing production while maintaining the quality of the final product. Results are compared with the business-as-usual cycle time control approach and the optimal solution obtained by the execution of a dynamic programming algorithm. Reinforcement Learning control outperforms the business-as-usual behavior by reducing the cycle time and the total batch time in non-stable temperature phases.

Keywords: autonomous control; hot stamping; reinforcement learning.