Tailoring micro/nano-fibers for biomedical applications

Bioact Mater. 2022 Apr 25;19:328-347. doi: 10.1016/j.bioactmat.2022.04.016. eCollection 2023 Jan.


Nano/micro fibers have evoked much attention of scientists and have been researched as cutting edge and hotspot in the area of fiber science in recent years due to the rapid development of various advanced manufacturing technologies, and the appearance of fascinating and special functions and properties, such as the enhanced mechanical strength, high surface area to volume ratio and special functionalities shown in the surface, triggered by the nano or micro-scale dimensions. In addition, these outstanding and special characteristics of the nano/micro fibers impart fiber-based materials with wide applications, such as environmental engineering, electronic and biomedical fields. This review mainly focuses on the recent development in the various nano/micro fibers fabrication strategies and corresponding applications in the biomedical fields, including tissue engineering scaffolds, drug delivery, wound healing, and biosensors. Moreover, the challenges for the fabrications and applications and future perspectives are presented.

Keywords: Biomedical field; Bioprinting; Electrospinning; Microfluidic spinning; Nano/micro fibers; Near field electrospinning.

Publication types

  • Review