Further evidence for segregated output channels from superior colliculus in rat: ipsilateral tecto-pontine and tecto-cuneiform projections have different cells of origin

Brain Res. 1987 Jun 9;413(1):170-4. doi: 10.1016/0006-8993(87)90165-x.


Two of the targets of the ipsilateral descending pathway from the superior colliculus are the cuneiform area (immediately ventral to the inferior colliculus), and the dorsolateral basilar pons. The cells of origin of the projections to these targets in rat were studied with a retrograde double-labelling technique, using the fluorescent tracers True blue and Diamidino yellow. Although many tectal cells were single-labelled by injections into basilar pons or the cuneiform area, less than 5% were double-labelled. The two projections thus appear to arise mainly from separate populations of cells within the superior colliculus.

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