Artemisia argyi exhibits anti-aging effects through decreasing the senescence in aging stem cells

Aging (Albany NY). 2022 Aug 9;14(15):6187-6201. doi: 10.18632/aging.204210. Epub 2022 Aug 9.


Aging is accompanied by functional loss of many cellular pathways, creating an increased risk of many age-related complications (ARC). Aging causes stem cell exhaustion with a concomitant increase in cellular dysfunction. Recently, interest in senotherapeutics has been growing rapidly to promote healthy aging and as an intervention for ARCs. This research focused on screening the senomorphic properties of Artemisia argyi, as an emerging strategy for longevity, and prevention or treatment of ARCs. In this study, we aimed to find the clinical efficacy of daily consumption of Artemisia argyi water extract (AAW) on aging. In vitro 0.1μM Doxorubicin induced senescent human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells was treated with different concentrations of AAW to show its anti-aging effect. 15 months old SHR rats (n=6) were treated with 7.9 mg/ml AAW for 4 weeks and anti-aging effect was evaluated. In vitro study showed the protective effect of AAW in telomere shortening and helps in maintaining a balance in the expression of anti-aging protein Klotho and TERT. AAW effectively reduced mitochondrial superoxide and also provided a protective shield against senescence markers like over-expression of p21 and formation of double strand breaks, which is known to cause premature aging. Moreover, animal studies indicated that AAW promoted the expression of Klotho in naturally aging rats. In addition, AAW successfully restored the decline cardiac function and improved the grip strength and memory of aging rat. These findings showed that therapeutic targeting of senescent stem cells by AAW restored stem cell homeostasis and improves overall health.

Keywords: Artemisia argyi; anti-aging; antioxidant; klotho; stem cell.

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