The composite dataset of the present-day Infralittoral Prograding Wedges (IPWs) in the inner continental shelf of the Campania region (Central-Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea)

Data Brief. 2022 Jul 24:44:108484. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2022.108484. eCollection 2022 Oct.


This article reports on the dataset gathered following the census of 83 present-day Infralittoral Prograding Wedges (IPWs), surveyed on the inner continental shelf of the Central-Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea. The purpose of the census was to explore their bathymetric range and assess the observational laws governing this variability. The ensued dataset (Campania Region IPW Dataset, CRID) includes geographic, topographic and morpho-bathymetric indices, descriptive of each IPW and more, the exposure of each IPW to wave forcing (Geographical fetch, Effective fetch and extreme significant wave height, H S ). In this work, histograms contribute to describe all the variables and highlight the dominant features of each IPW. Location maps univocally links the geographic position of each IPW to the appropriate attribute record in the dataset. Further, thematic maps illustrate eight wave fields obtained by offshore-to-nearshore transformation by as many sea states scenarios with 200-year return period. Such wave fields are used as sources for significant wave height representing wave conditions over each IPW. This dataset could be implemented with new measures at a broader scale, by following analogue procedures for measurements, to enlarge the observational scale on IPWs and improve the numerical models which might eventually derive by the analysis of this dataset.

Keywords: CRID, Campania Region IPW Dataset; DEM, Digital Elevation Model; EF, Effective fetch; Effective fetch; FSA, Foreset slope angle; GF, Geographical fetch; HS,50, Significant wave height at the 50 m isobath; HS,ROP, Significant wave height at the ROP; Hs, Significant wave height; IPW, Infralittoral Prograding Wedge; Marine and terrestrial DEM; Morphometric indices; ROP, Rollover Point; RSL, Relative Sea Level; Significant wave high; Southern Italy; Submarine depositional terraces; TR, Time recurrence; TSA, Topset slope angle; Tp, Peak wave period.