Prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection by earthing

Biomed J. 2023 Feb;46(1):60-69. doi: 10.1016/ Epub 2022 Aug 17.


Background: Earthing is a body contact with earth without insulator. In previous studies, grounding revealed anti-inflammatory effect, immunity enhancement, anticoagulation, and rising blood oxygenation.

Aim: To investigate the role of earthing in treatment and prevention of COVID-19 infection.

Methods: An observational and interventional study included 71 cases with COVID-19 infection. Earthing was applied as preventive and treatment measures. All participants conducted earthing through direct contact with the earth or connecting apparatus for about 15 min to 6 h/day.

Results: Sixty-nine patients were fully improved within 2 h-11 days after commencement of earthing (mean: 2.9 days, SD ± 2, median: 2 days), while the mean illness duration was 8.9 days (SD ± 4.6) and the median was 9 days. Two patients with many risk factors died where earthing was carried out insufficiently and too late. Nine people contracted mild or short-lived illness (mean: 6.3 days, SD ± 5.5) as a consequence of performing prophylactic earthing. There was a spectacular response in a critically ill patient who was unable to speak due to severe dyspnea with blood oxygen level 38% on continuous oxygen supply. On the second day, after two sessions of 3 h daily earthing, his oxygen level raised to 95% with oxygen supply and 77% without oxygen supply. The following symptoms were improved after implementing earthing: fever, dyspnea, cough, weakness, headache, chest pain, taste and smell sensation loss, anorexia, and body pain.

Conclusions: Earthing revealed significant curing and preventive effects with a shorter illness duration.

Keywords: COVID-19 prevention; COVID-19 treatment; Coronavirus; Earthing; Grounding; SARS-CoV-2.

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