The End of the World As We Have Known It? An Introduction to Collapsology

Pastoral Psychol. 2022;71(6):753-767. doi: 10.1007/s11089-022-01026-y. Epub 2022 Aug 13.


Human-induced climate change is fast becoming a climate emergency as we near an irreversible point of no return. In our anthropocentric quest to have dominion over all the earth, we are putting all of life at risk, including human life and civilization. The introduction of collapsology serves as a reality check for better understanding the severity and urgency of the present crisis. Moreover, because of the deleterious effects of environmental racism and classism, there can be no climate justice without racial justice as well. It is hoped that in the end there will emerge a more informed pastoral theology and, by extension, a more informed pastoral and spiritual care, guided by the findings of climate science.

Keywords: Anthropocentrism; Climate emergency; Climate racism; Collapsology; Human civilization; Mass extinction.