The role of tetraspanins pan-cancer

iScience. 2022 Jul 19;25(8):104777. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2022.104777. eCollection 2022 Aug 19.


Tetraspanins (TSPANs) are a class of four-transmembrane segmented proteins. The precise functions of TSPANs and their roles in pan-cancer are unclear. In this work, we analyzed TSPAN1, TSPAN10, TSPAN11, TSPAN12, TSPAN13, TSPAN14, TSPAN15, TSPAN16, TSPAN17, TSPAN18, TSPAN18-AS1, TSPAN19, TSPAN2, TSPAN3, TSPAN31, TSPAN32, TSPAN33, TSPAN4, TSPAN5, TSPAN6, TSPAN7, TSPAN8, TSPAN9, TSPAN9-IT1 (24 TSPAN family genes) in relation to tumor characteristics from 11,057 TCGA samples across 33 cancer types. On 24 TSPAN family genes, multidimensional studies were conducted, including gene differential expression, immunological subtype analysis, clinical analysis, stemness indices analysis, drug sensitivity analysis, alteration analysis, and multi-omics validation (including ATAC-seq validation, single-cell sequencing validation, and other external validation). Genes were differentially expressed in 33 cancers, and several of them showed high consistency in terms of tumor characteristics. In particular, the potential roles of TSPAN15 and TSPAN1 in cancer deserve further attention.

Keywords: Cancer; Cancer systems biology; Transcriptomics.