Perspectives of Nursing Students on Promoting Reflection in the Clinical Setting: A Qualitative Study

Nurs Rep. 2022 Jul 29;12(3):545-555. doi: 10.3390/nursrep12030053.


Background: Reflection increases meta-cognitive capacities, promotes student-instructor relationships, overcomes the theory-practice gap, and enriches learning. This study aims at exploring nursing students' perspectives on the facilitators of reflective practices in the clinical setting.

Methods: Semi-structured interviews were conducted among 21 Saudi nursing students at one major university in Saudi Arabia.

Results: Two major themes were prevalent upon thematic analysis, namely, "Personal Drivers of Reflection" which consisted of "Motivation to Learn", "Desire to develop", "Ethical Regard", and "Responsibility towards patients" and "External Drivers of Reflection" which consisted of "Patient characteristics", "Case complexity", and "Competent Instructors".

Conclusion: As per the results of the study, nursing students perceived that they underwent reflection as a response to personal motivational and external educational aspects. According to the findings, instructors should assist students through clinical reflection, with a special focus on their interactions and motivation.

Keywords: clinical setting; nursing students; perspectives; qualitative; reflection.

Grants and funding

This research received no external funding.