Effect of Functional Water on the Antioxidant Property of Concentrated Reconstituted Juice

Foods. 2022 Aug 21;11(16):2531. doi: 10.3390/foods11162531.


People often consume juice to easily ingest antioxidants, which can scavenge free radicals and reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases. In this study, the SOD assay kit-WST method was used to evaluate the antioxidant activity of two types of functional water, alkaline electrolyzed water (AlEW) and tourmaline water (TMW), reconstituted commercially available (Tropicana) and freshly squeezed concentrated juices and the effect of functional waters on physicochemical parameters and sensory evaluation of reconstituted juices was also analyzed. The reconstituted juice exhibited the highest antioxidant activity when the electrolysis current of AlEW was 8A or the tourmaline stone treatment temperature of TMW was 75 °C. Compared with the control group (69.4%), SOD activity of the reconstituted orange juice in the 8A-AlEW (77.2%) and 75 °C-TMW (84.5%) groups increased by 7.8 and 15.1%, respectively. Furthermore, the color and pH of the functional water reconstituted juice were not significantly different from the juice before concentration, and the taste was better. In summary, functional water could enhance the antioxidant activity of concentrated juice as a formula which could provide novel ideas for the development of functional beverages with antioxidant properties.

Keywords: alkaline electrolyzed water; antioxidant activity; concentrated juice; tourmaline water.

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