Brain Tumor Characterization Using Radiogenomics in Artificial Intelligence Framework

Cancers (Basel). 2022 Aug 22;14(16):4052. doi: 10.3390/cancers14164052.


Brain tumor characterization (BTC) is the process of knowing the underlying cause of brain tumors and their characteristics through various approaches such as tumor segmentation, classification, detection, and risk analysis. The substantial brain tumor characterization includes the identification of the molecular signature of various useful genomes whose alteration causes the brain tumor. The radiomics approach uses the radiological image for disease characterization by extracting quantitative radiomics features in the artificial intelligence (AI) environment. However, when considering a higher level of disease characteristics such as genetic information and mutation status, the combined study of "radiomics and genomics" has been considered under the umbrella of "radiogenomics". Furthermore, AI in a radiogenomics' environment offers benefits/advantages such as the finalized outcome of personalized treatment and individualized medicine. The proposed study summarizes the brain tumor's characterization in the prospect of an emerging field of research, i.e., radiomics and radiogenomics in an AI environment, with the help of statistical observation and risk-of-bias (RoB) analysis. The PRISMA search approach was used to find 121 relevant studies for the proposed review using IEEE, Google Scholar, PubMed, MDPI, and Scopus. Our findings indicate that both radiomics and radiogenomics have been successfully applied aggressively to several oncology applications with numerous advantages. Furthermore, under the AI paradigm, both the conventional and deep radiomics features have made an impact on the favorable outcomes of the radiogenomics approach of BTC. Furthermore, risk-of-bias (RoB) analysis offers a better understanding of the architectures with stronger benefits of AI by providing the bias involved in them.

Keywords: brain tumor; brain tumor characterization; classification; genomics; radiogenomics; radiomics; risk-of-bias; segmentation.

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