Assessment of the Functional Capacity and Preparedness of the Haitian Healthcare System to Fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Narrative Review

Healthcare (Basel). 2022 Jul 29;10(8):1428. doi: 10.3390/healthcare10081428.


Low-income countries, such as Haiti, are facing challenges in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic due to resource shortages and fragile healthcare systems. This study assessed the functional capacity and preparedness of the Haitian healthcare system regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. It employed a narrative review approach to analyze secondary data and used the Donabedian model and the global health security index as the theoretical frameworks to evaluate preparedness. The findings reveal that Haiti faces challenges in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic due to a lack of biosafety and biosecurity regulations, inadequate laboratory systems for COVID-19 testing, and shortages of human resources and personal protective equipment. Moreover, poverty remains widespread, and people lack access to clean water and sanitation services, resulting in a high risk of COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, a lack of communication, rumors, the circulation of fake news regarding COVID-19, and stigmatization cause distrust and reduce the number of people seeking healthcare services. Haiti faces challenges with respect to tackling the pandemic. The Haitian government can strengthen and improve the capacity of the healthcare system to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and infectious diseases emerging in the future.

Keywords: COVID-19; Haitian healthcare; healthcare system preparedness; pandemics.

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  • Review