Cadaver dissection for oculoplastic procedures: A beginner's guide

Indian J Ophthalmol. 2022 Sep;70(9):3239-3244. doi: 10.4103/ijo.IJO_3037_21.


The purpose of this article is to form a basic guide for beginning the cadaver dissection training programs focused on oculoplastic surgical procedures. Ours was a collaborative study between the departments of Ophthalmology and Anatomy in a tertiary care teaching institute. We formed a step-wise approach to begin the cadaver dissection focused on the oculoplastic surgical procedures. The basics of cadaver procurement, processing, and preparation for dissections were described. The operative requirements of trainees, surgical handling of cadavers, and basic oculoplastic surgical steps were discussed. The types of embalming (cadaver preservation process) and steps have been described in detail. We have emphasized the preoperative discussion about the proposed dissections using standard teachings and skull models for easier understanding. Additional helping tools like soft embalming and injectable substances for better intra-dissection understanding (intra-arterial, intravenous and orbital injections) have been described. Post-dissection cadaver handing and soft-tissue disposal protocols have also been described. Overall, the cadaver dissections provide holistic surgical learning for the residents, specialty trainees, and practitioners. This article may act as a basic step-wise guide for starting the cadaver-based oculoplastics lab dissection in various institutes and workshops.

Keywords: Anatomy; cadaver; cadaver dissection; cadaver lab; oculoplasty cadaver dissection.

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