Comparison of Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines: Sinopharm, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, and Covaxin in Women in Terms of Menstruation Disturbances, Hirsutism, and Metrorrhagia: A Descriptive-Analytical Cross-Sectional Study

Int J Fertil Steril. 2022 Aug 21;16(3):237-243. doi: 10.22074/ijfs.2022.544706.1236.


Present study assessed whether Sinopharm, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, and Covaxin's vaccinated women<br />reveal a distinct incidence of menstruation disturbances, hirsutism, and metrorrhagia.<br />Materials and Methods: Data collection was performed from June to August 2021, and 427 women working in seven<br />selected hospitals in Tehran were studied in this descriptive-analytical cross-sectional study. All of these women had<br />received one or both doses of the vaccines with one of the assessed vaccines. Required data was collected via questionnaire<br />and imported to SPSS 16 for further assessment and analysis. Fisher's Exact Test and Chi-Squared test were<br />main statistical tests used to understand whether any significant relation exists or not.<br />Results: The participant's mean age and body mass index (BMI) were 29.78 ± 10.55 and 23.27 ± 3.82, respectively.<br />Three hundred ninety-five cases (92.4%) had received both doses of the vaccines. Also, 154 cases (36.1%) had a history<br />of COVID-19. A total of 38 cases (8.8%) of menstruation disturbances, 20 cases (4.6%) of metrorrhagia, and 7<br />cases (1.6%) of hirsutism were reported after receiving the vaccines. There was a significant difference among the<br />vaccinated groups with the vaccines as mentioned earlier in terms of menstruation disturbances (hypermenorrhea,<br />dysmenorrhea, Amenorrhea) (P=0.01). The highest and the lowest incidence of menstruation disturbances were recorded<br />in the group vaccinated with Covaxin (17.6%) and Sputnik V (5%), respectively. There was also no significant<br />difference amongst the vaccinated groups with the four vaccines regarding the incidence of metrorrhagia and<br />hirsutism (P=0.10 and P=0.12, respectively). There was no significant relationship between all three complications<br />incidence with the previous infection concerning all vaccines (coefficient=0.46, 1.27, -0.15 respectively for menstruation<br />disturbances, metrorrhagia, and, hirsutism).<br />Conclusion: Seemingly, Covaxin revealed the most side effects in terms of menstruation disturbances. As a result, professionals<br />must carry out several studies with reasonable samples to recommend the vaccine to those women confidently.

Keywords: COVID-19 Vaccines; Hirsutism; Menstrual Cycle; Metrorrhagia; Side effects.