Iodine-Doped Graphene Oxide: Fast Single-Stage Synthesis and Application as Electrocatalyst

Materials (Basel). 2022 Sep 5;15(17):6174. doi: 10.3390/ma15176174.


Iodine-doped graphene oxide is attracting great attention as fuel cell (FC) electrocatalysts with a high activity for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). However, most of the reported preparation techniques for iodine-doped graphene (I/rGO) could be transposed into practice as multiple step procedures, a significant disadvantage for scale-up applications. Herein, we describe an effective, eco-friendly, and fast technique for synthesis by a microwave-tuned one-stage technique. Structural and morphological characterizations evidenced the obtaining of nanocomposite sheets, with iodine bonded in the graphene matrix. The ORR performance of I/rGO was electrochemically investigated and the enhancement of the cathodic peak was noted. Based on the noteworthy electrochemical properties for ORR activity, the prepared I/rGO can be considered an encouraging alternative for a more economical electrode for fuel cell fabrication and commercialization. In this perspective, the iodine-based catalysts synthesis can be considered a step forward for the metal-free electrocatalysts development for the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells.

Keywords: fuel cells; graphene; iodine-doped graphene.