Trend changes in the incidence of benign parotid tumours in the last 30 years in a Spanish population

Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2022 Sep 12. doi: 10.1007/s00405-022-07644-9. Online ahead of print.


Purpose: To study the demographics and clinical characteristics of benign parotid tumours, focusing on the evolution of the incidence of Warthin tumour (WT) in recent years.

Methods: A retrospective observational study is designed of patients diagnosed with a benign parotid tumour in a single tertiary hospital centre, from 1994 to 2021. The evaluation of the relationship between the different variables, and the changes in tumour incidence, is carried out using an analysis of standardized residuals.

Results: The study evaluated 279 patients, and the total of benign parotid tumours was 291. The most frequent type of tumour was pleomorphic adenoma (PA) (52.7%), followed by WT (37.6%). WT was more frequent in men (79%), and PA in women (55.8%). Smoking history is significantly high in patients with WT (83%), as well as mid-age, compared to PA.

Conclusions: It seems to be an increase in the proportion of WT compared to PA in recent years. These changes can be concerning tobacco use and older patients at diagnosis in our series.

Keywords: Epidemiology; Parotid; Pleomorphic adenoma; Salivary gland; Spanish population; Warthin.