Patient Satisfaction with Occupational Therapy Services for Wheeled Mobility and Seating Devices

Occup Ther Health Care. 2022 Sep 15;1-14. doi: 10.1080/07380577.2022.2121992. Online ahead of print.


Satisfaction of 81 patients was evaluated before and after receiving occupational therapy services. There was a statistically significant difference between patients' scores before and after receiving occupational therapy services (p < .05). Over 85% indicated a high satisfaction in relation to quality and health outcomes attributed to occupational therapy services, 44% reported barriers related to limited availability, accessibility, and knowledge of occupational therapy services, and 35% made suggestions for improvements. Patient-therapist communication and easy access to occupational therapy services can enhance occupational therapy knowledge, lead to positive patient experience and quality health outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction.

Keywords: Healthcare; mobility and seating; occupational therapy; quality; satisfaction; wheelchair.