Forecasted data of prices for the most common households' fuels utilized in Nigeria during the period 2010-2024

Data Brief. 2022 Aug 31:45:108561. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2022.108561. eCollection 2022 Dec.


The most common household fuel utilized in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria is kerosene, liquified petroleum of gas (LPG), firewood, charcoal, and electricity. These energy commodities are contributing to simplify people's life. They are used in satisfying energy demands such as cooking, heating, and lighting for every single home. The energy prices were collected from 2010 to 2021, and we forecasted from 2022 to 2024. There is data available from 2010-2021 about prices for some of these commodities, but they are scattered, narrow, and in some cases, there is just a general-referred value for the whole nation and only for a single year from the past. These situations have limited the development of economic studies which undertake analyses regarding consumers' behavior. The forecasted fares for kerosene and LPG were calculated under the basis of accessible information but limited by the National Bureau of Statistics of Nigeria. The available electricity tariffs were collected from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission from the existing eleven private electricity distribution companies (DISCOS). In the case of firewood and charcoal, the costs were estimated departing from the research work of Gujba et al. [1]. In the second part, we specify the way how data was obtained and its treatment for specific time periods. The statistics include the values for each fuel in the different geopolitical regions and for the most popular presentations available to the end customers. The forecasting was developed for past and future years during the under-study period of time. The information presented in the article refers to the research study: Urban and rural household energy transition in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does spatial heterogeneity reveal the direction of the transition?

Keywords: Energy; Fuel technology; Prices for LPG; Prices for charcoal; Prices for electricity; Prices for firewood; Prices for kerosene; Regional energy markets in Nigeria.