A Simple Physical Exam Maneuver to Distinguish Trigger Digit, Dupuytren's Nodule, and Flexor Sheath Ganglion

Hand (N Y). 2022 Sep 21;15589447221109644. doi: 10.1177/15589447221109644. Online ahead of print.


Trigger digit, Dupuytren's disease, and ganglion cysts are 3 common disorders treated by hand surgeons. Despite the varying nature of their pathology, these 3 entities can all present as a mass at the flexor crease in the distal palm. The regional similarity of these presentations can make diagnosis more difficult. In this paper, we describe a simple clinical exam method that can assist in distinguishing between trigger digit, Dupuytren's disease, and flexor sheath ganglion cysts.

Keywords: Dupuytren’s disease; diagnosis; ganglion; hand anatomy; physical exam; trigger finger.