Modified Tibial Tuberosity Advancement Rapid in a Dog with One Contralateral Amputated Limb

Vet Sci. 2022 Sep 2;9(9):476. doi: 10.3390/vetsci9090476.


Cranial cruciate ligament disease (CCLD) is one of the most frequent causes of hindlimb lameness in dogs. Tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA) is a common surgery performed for CCLD. A modified, simplified technique (TTA Rapid) is also reported to have very good clinical outcomes. In this paper, we report a modified TTA Rapid technique to treat a CCLD in a dog with an amputated contralateral hindlimb. A 5-year-old mixed breed dog presented with amputated right hindlimb and difficulty walking. Pain and positive drawer sign were present at manipulation of left stifle joint. Radiographic findings of the stifle joint confirmed the presence of moderate osteoarthritis associated with CCLD, and modified TTA Rapid procedure was performed. Recovery from surgery was uneventful, and the dog was able to stand by his own by the second day postoperative. At three months follow-up evaluation, the dog was free of lameness and the osteotomy site was completely healed. This paper describes the first modified TTA rapid osteotomy technique performed in a dog with a contralateral amputated hindlimb.

Keywords: amputation; cranial cruciate ligament disease; dog; modified TTA rapid; stifle joint.

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