Charge Carriers for Aqueous Dual-Ion Batteries

ChemSusChem. 2022 Sep 22;e202201373. doi: 10.1002/cssc.202201373. Online ahead of print.


Environmental and safety concerns of energy storage systems call for application of aqueous battery systems which have advantages of low cost, environmental benignity, safety, and easy assembling. Among the aqueous battery systems, aqueous dual-ion batteries (ADIBs) provide high possibility for achieving excellent battery performance. Compared with the "rocking chair" batteries with only one type of carrier involved in the charging and discharging, ADIBs with both cations and anions as charge carriers possess diverse selections of electrodes and electrolytes. Charge carriers are the basis of the configuration of ADIBs. In this Review, cations and anions that could be applied in ADIBs are demonstrated with corresponding electrode materials and favorable electrolytes. Some insertion mechanisms are emphasized to provide insights for the possibilities to enhance the practical performances of ADIBs.

Keywords: dual-ion batteries; electrode materials; electrolytes; energy storage; intercalation.

Publication types

  • Review