Two Loci Contribute to Age-Related Hearing Loss Resistance in the Japanese Wild-Derived Inbred MSM/Ms Mice

Biomedicines. 2022 Sep 7;10(9):2221. doi: 10.3390/biomedicines10092221.


An MSM/Ms strain was established using Japanese wild mice, which exhibit resistance to several phenotypes associated with aging, such as obesity, inflammation, and tumorigenesis, compared to common inbred mouse strains. MSM/Ms strain is resistant to age-related hearing loss, and their auditory abilities are sustained for long durations. The age-related hearing loss 3 (ahl3) locus contributes to age-related hearing in MSM/Ms strain. We generated ahl3 congenic strains by transferring a genomic region on chromosome 17 from MSM/Ms mice into C57BL/6J mice. Although C57BL/6J mice develop age-related hearing loss because of the ahl allele of the cadherin 23 gene, the development of middle- to high-frequency hearing loss was significantly delayed in an ahl3 congenic strain. Moreover, the novel age-related hearing loss 10 (ahl10) locus associated with age-related hearing resistance in MSM/Ms strain was mapped to chromosome 12. Although the resistance effects in ahl10 congenic strain were slightly weaker than those in ahl3 congenic strain, slow progression of age-related hearing loss was confirmed in ahl10 congenic strain despite harboring the ahl allele of cadherin 23. These results suggest that causative genes and polymorphisms of the ahl3 and ahl10 loci are important targets for the prevention and treatment of age-related hearing loss.

Keywords: C57BL/6J strain; MSM/Ms strain; age-related hearing loss; ahl loci; congenic strain; consomic strain.