A Multigraph-Defined Distribution Function in a Simulation Model of a Communication Network

Entropy (Basel). 2022 Sep 14;24(9):1294. doi: 10.3390/e24091294.


We presented a method based on multigraphs to mathematically define a distribution function in time for the generation of data exchange in a special-purpose communication network. This is needed for the modeling and design of communication networks (CNs) consisting of integrated telecommunications and computer networks (ITCN). Simulation models require a precise definition of network traffic communication. An additional problem for describing the network traffic in simulation models is the mathematical model of data distribution, according to which the generation and exchange of certain types and quantities of data are realized. The application of multigraphs enabled the time and quantity of the data distribution to be displayed as operational procedures for a special-purpose communication unit. A multigraph was formed for each data-exchange time and allowed its associated adjacency matrix to be defined. Using the matrix estimation method allowed the mathematical definition of the distribution function values. The application of the described method for the use of multigraphs enabled a more accurate mathematical description of real traffic in communication networks.

Keywords: adjacency matrix; communication network; distribution function; multigraphs; network simulation; network traffic.