Effects of the Storage Conditions on the Stability of Natural and Synthetic Cannabis in Biological Matrices for Forensic Toxicology Analysis: An Update from the Literature

Metabolites. 2022 Aug 27;12(9):801. doi: 10.3390/metabo12090801.


The use and abuse of cannabis, be it for medicinal or recreational purposes, is widely spread among the population. Consequently, a market for more potent and consequently more toxic synthetic cannabinoids has flourished, and with it, the need for accurate testing of these substances in intoxicated people. In this regard, one of the critical factors in forensic toxicology is the stability of these drugs in different biological matrices due to different storage conditions. This review aims to present the most updated and relevant literature of studies performed on the effects of different storage conditions on the stability of cannabis compounds present in various biological matrices, such as blood and plasma, urine, and oral fluids, as well as in alternative matrices, such as breath, bile fluid, hair, sweat, cerumen, and dried blood spots.

Keywords: cannabinoids; dried blood spots; hair; oral fluids; plasma; stability; urine.

Publication types

  • Review