Novel compound heterozygous synonymous and missense variants in the MYO7A gene identified by next-generation sequencing in a Chinese family with nonsyndromic hearing loss

J Clin Lab Anal. 2022 Nov;36(11):e24708. doi: 10.1002/jcla.24708. Epub 2022 Sep 26.


Background: Variants in the MYO7A gene are increasingly identified among patients suffering from Usher syndrome type 1B (USH1B). However, such mutations are less commonly detected among patients suffering from nonsyndromic hearing loss (NSHL), including autosomal recessive deafness (DFNB2) and autosomal dominant deafness (DFNA11). This research attempts to clarify the genetic base of DFNB2 in a Chinese family and determine the pathogenicity of the identified mutations.

Method: Targeted next-generation sequencing (TGS) of 127 known deafness genes was performed for the 14-year-old proband. Then, Sanger sequencing was performed on the available family members. A minigene splicing assay was performed to verify the impact of the novel MYO7A synonymous variant. After performing targeted next-generation sequencing (TGS) of 127 existing hearing loss-related genes in a 14-year-old proband, Sanger sequencing was carried out on the available family members. Then, to confirm the influence of the novel MYO7A synonymous variants, a minigene splicing assay was performed.

Results: Two heteroallelic mutants of MYO7A (NM_000260.3) were identified: a maternally inherited synonymous variant c.2904G > A (p.Glu968=) in exon 23 and a paternally inherited missense variant c.5994G > T (p.Trp1998Cys) in exon 44. The in vitro minigene expression indicated that c.2904G > A may result in skipping of exon 23 resulting in a truncated protein.

Conclusions: We reported a novel missense (c.5994G > T) and identified, for the first time, a novel pathogenic synonymous (c.2904G > A) variant within MYO7A in a patient with DFNB2. These findings enrich our understanding of the MYO7A variant spectrum of DFNB2 and can contribute to accurate genetic counseling and diagnosis of NSHL patients.

Keywords: DFNB2; MYO7A gene; minigene splicing assay; nonsyndromic hearing loss; synonymous variant.

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