Evaluation of Vision-Related Quality of Life After Unilateral Implantation of a New Trifocal Intraocular Lens

Beyoglu Eye J. 2022 Aug 5;7(3):167-172. doi: 10.14744/bej.2022.75768. eCollection 2022.


Objectives: The objective of the study was to evaluate visual performance and subjective quality of life after unilateral implantation of a new trifocal intraocular lens (IOL) in young and middle-aged patients.

Methods: Patients that underwent unilateral cataract surgery with implantation of trifocal TFNT00 IOL with an emmetropic fellow eye were included in the study. Vision related daily activity performance was evaluated in postoperative 6th month. Patients were divided in two groups according to the uncorrected near visual acuity of their fellow eyes: İn Group I if worse than the operated eye and in Group II if equal or better than the operated eye. The visual function-14 (VF-14) questionnaire was used with scores of 4 with no difficulty, 3 points with mild difficulty, 2 points with moderate difficulty, 1 point with severe difficulty, and 0 point if unable to perform.

Results: Twenty-one patients were enrolled in this study. Patients had good visual performance, showing VF-14 scores above 3 in all categories. Reading small print (3.67±0.48) and driving at night (3.67±0.48) were found to be the most difficult tasks to perform. No significant difference was found between two groups in any category that was investigated by the VF-14 questionnaire.

Conclusion: Unilateral implantation of TFNT00 trifocal IOL is well tolerated with good patient satisfaction assessed by VF-14 questionnaire in subjects that have cataract in one eye, encouraging single-eye surgical procedure in this particular group of patients.

Keywords: Trifocal intraocular lens; unilateral cataract; vision-related quality of life.