Practical and Ethical Considerations in Telehealth: Pitfalls and Opportunities

Yale J Biol Med. 2022 Sep 30;95(3):367-370. eCollection 2022 Sep.


Telehealth has been a long-awaited advancement with the potential to improve efficiency, convenience, and quality in healthcare. However, as telehealth becomes integrated into routine clinical care, it is imperative to consider the practical and ethical implications that could undermine or devalue care delivery. The medical profession must ensure that it is implemented judiciously and with robust quality standards, guided by fair and equitable policies that balance patient autonomy with rigorous standards of care and access. Such a system must recognize the opportunity for more patient input as stakeholders to tailor care to their needs and preferences, while also acknowledging the risk of suboptimal care if convenience is prioritized over quality. More studies of optimal care models are needed to integrate data in terms of both stakeholder input and outcomes.

Keywords: Access; Convenience; Justice; Quality; Telehealth; Telemedicine.

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