Comparison of Glycemic Response to Carbohydrate Meals without or with a Plant-Based Formula of Kidney Bean Extract, White Mulberry Leaf Extract, and Green Coffee Extract in Individuals with Abdominal Obesity

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022 Sep 25;19(19):12117. doi: 10.3390/ijerph191912117.


Due to the rising prevalence of obesity and type 2 diabetes, a strategy that can positively influence diet quality in a simple way is being explored, since a low glycemic index (GI) diet is advised in the dietoprophylaxis and diet therapy of diabetes. Methods: Twenty-three women with abdominal obesity participated in the study. The postprandial glycemic response and glycemic index were determined after three carbohydrate meals (noodle soup, white rice, strawberry sorbet) without or with the addition of a plant-base supplement (extracts of kidney bean, white mulberry leaf, and green coffee) with a potentially hypoglycemic effect. For two products (instant noodle soup and white rice), the addition of the plant supplement resulted in a reduction in glicemic iAUC values (respectively, by: 17.1%, p = 0.005 and 5.3%; p = 0.03; 40.6%, p = 0.004 and 5.3%, p = 0.019). However, this effect was not observed for strawberry sorbet. The blood glucose concentrations 30 min after the consumption of instant noodle soup and white rice with the plant-based formula addition significantly affected the GI value of tested meals (p = 0.0086, r = 0.53; p = 0.0096, r = 0.53), which may indicate the effect of this plant supplement on enterohormone and/or insulin secretion. Conclusion: A formula containing kidney bean, white mulberry leaves, and green coffee extracts may therefore be a notable factor in lowering postprandial glycemia and the GI of carbohydrate foods. However, further research is needed to determine for which food groups and meals its use may be most effective.

Keywords: abdominal obesity; glycemic index; plant extracts; plant-based supplement; postprandial glucose peaks.

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This research was funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education within funds of Institute of Human Nutrition Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS), for scientific research and carried out as part of the SGGW task: Assessment and comparison of postprandial glycemia of carbohydrate products without or with the addition of fiber preparation from kidney bean extract, white mulberry leaves and green coffee in people with excess body weight-Study of the glycemic index of carbohydrate meals after administration of the dietary supplement containing kidney bean, green coffee and white mulberry extracts designed by MarMar Investment LLC-number 508-01-100400-A00614-99.