Wavefront-corrected post-compression of a 100-TW Ti:sapphire laser

Opt Express. 2022 Jul 18;30(15):26212-26219. doi: 10.1364/OE.462040.


We analyzed and corrected the wavefront distortion induced during the post-compression of a 100-TW Ti:Sapphire laser and achieved the intensity enhancement. In the post-compression, the spectral broadening of the laser was obtained by propagating through three 0.5 mm-thick fused silica plates and the laser pulse duration was post-compressed from 24 fs to 11 fs using a set of chirped mirrors. We measured the wavefront aberrations due to the intensity-dependent nonlinear process during the post-compression of femtosecond high-power laser pulses. By compensating for the wavefront aberrations with an adaptive optics system, the Strehl ratio of the post-compressed beam was improved from 0.37 to 0.52 and the focused intensity of the post-compressed beam could be enhanced by a factor of 1.5, while the enhancement without the wavefront correction was only a factor of 1.1 in spite of the peak-power enhancement by a factor of 1.8.