Wavelength-tunable spiral-phase-contrast imaging

Opt Express. 2022 Jul 18;30(15):27273-27284. doi: 10.1364/OE.461660.


Wavelength-tunable spiral-phase-contrast (SPC) imaging was experimentally accomplished in the visible wavelengths spanning a broad bandwidth of ∼200 nm based on a single off-axis spiral phase mirror (OSPM). By the rotation of an OSPM, which was designed with an integer orbital angular momentum (OAM) of l = 1 at a wavelength of 561 nm and incidence angle of 45°, high-quality SPC imaging was obtained at different wavelengths. For the comparison with wavelength-tunable SPC imaging using an OSPM, SPC imaging using a spiral phase plate (manufactured to generate an OAM of l = 1 at 561 nm) was performed at three wavelengths (473, 561, and 660 nm), resulting in clear differences. Theoretically, based on field tracing simulations, high-quality wavelength-tunable SPC imaging could be demonstrated in a very broad bandwidth of ∼400 nm, which is beyond the bandwidth of ∼200 nm obtained experimentally. This technique contribute to developing high-performance wavelength-tunable SPC imaging by simply integrating an OSPM into the current optical imaging technologies.