Calcification in Thoracic Splenosis

Case Rep Pulmonol. 2022 Oct 11:2022:9538355. doi: 10.1155/2022/9538355. eCollection 2022.


Splenosis is a rare condition described as the implantation of ectopic splenic tissue, usually after a splenic rupture. Thoracic splenosis refers to acquired ectopic splenic tissue found within the thoracic cavity, often caused by thoracoabdominal trauma or surgery. Most cases are asymptomatic and many years may elapse before they are incidentally discovered on chest radiography or thoracic computed tomography. Splenosis is often misinterpreted as a malignancy on initial imaging. We wish to highlight a rare case of thoracic splenosis presenting with calcified and non-calcified nodules. Only two other cases of calcification have been reported in intrathoracic splenosis, neither of which provided CT images of this finding.

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