We Are Concerned about the Future and We Are Here to Support the Change: Let's Talk and Work Together!

Children (Basel). 2022 Oct 18;9(10):1574. doi: 10.3390/children9101574.


Scarcely explored, intergenerational dialogue may support the re-encounter between generations.

Background: Focused on intergenerational sharing and on the identification of differences between generations, the project #GenerationsWithAVoice aims to identify generational inequalities, with the aim of promoting awareness of intergenerational challenges, boosting public debate and interest in public policies.

Methods: Twenty focus groups were developed, and an evaluation instrument was applied.

Results: (i) Young people believe that they have more knowledge, but less propensity for action, leaving this task to the following generations; (ii) the family and housing emerge as the issues with the greatest number of problems identified, but also as important resources; (iii) government and politics, community and society, and the economy are of less interest and knowledge on the part of this generation; (iv) school seems to be the ideal scenario for the implementation of strategies that lead to change.

Conclusions: We highlight the role of this work in the deconstruction of beliefs regarding previous generations, the development of knowledge, and the promotion of cohesion and social support.

Keywords: future concerns; generational inequalities; intergenerational dialogue; intergenerational justice; sustainability; youth participatory programs.