FerrDb V2: update of the manually curated database of ferroptosis regulators and ferroptosis-disease associations

Nucleic Acids Res. 2023 Jan 6;51(D1):D571-D582. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkac935.


Ferroptosis is a mode of regulated cell death characterized by iron-dependent accumulation of lipid peroxidation. It is closely linked to the pathophysiological processes in many diseases. Since our publication of the first ferroptosis database in 2020 (FerrDb V1), many new findings have been published. To keep up with the rapid progress in ferroptosis research and to provide timely and high-quality data, here we present the successor, FerrDb V2. It contains 1001 ferroptosis regulators and 143 ferroptosis-disease associations manually curated from 3288 articles. Specifically, there are 621 gene regulators, of which 264 are drivers, 238 are suppressors, 9 are markers, and 110 are unclassified genes; and there are 380 substance regulators, with 201 inducers and 179 inhibitors. Compared to FerrDb V1, curated articles increase by >300%, ferroptosis regulators increase by 175%, and ferroptosis-disease associations increase by 50.5%. Circular RNA and pseudogene are novel regulators in FerrDb V2, and the percentage of non-coding RNA increases from 7.3% to 13.6%. External gene-related data were integrated, enabling thought-provoking and gene-oriented analysis in FerrDb V2. In conclusion, FerrDb V2 will help to acquire deeper insights into ferroptosis. FerrDb V2 is freely accessible at http://www.zhounan.org/ferrdb/.

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