The Charm or Chasm of Digital Personalized Learning in Education: Teachers' Reported Use, Perceptions and Expectations

TechTrends. 2023;67(2):315-330. doi: 10.1007/s11528-022-00802-0. Epub 2022 Oct 27.


Although digital personalized learning (DPL) is assumed to be beneficial for the student as well as the teacher, the implementation process of DPL tools can be challenging. Therefore, the aim of our study is to scrutinize teachers' perceptions towards the implementation of DPL in the classroom. A total of 370 teachers from primary and secondary education (students aged 6-18 years old) were questioned through an online survey. An overview of descriptive results is presented regarding (1) teachers' reported technology use, (2) their perceptions towards adaptivity and dashboards in DPL tools and (3) their expectations of support in view of implementing DPL. Based on a cluster analysis, three teacher clusters are distinguished. Results reveal all three clusters had positive perceptions towards DPL. Nevertheless, there is great variety in reported use of DPL tools.

Keywords: Adaptive technology; Cluster analysis; Digital personalized learning; Educational technology; Teachers.