Opa1-mediated mitochondrial dynamics is important for osteoclast differentiation

MicroPubl Biol. 2022 Oct 15:2022:10.17912/micropub.biology.000650. doi: 10.17912/micropub.biology.000650. eCollection 2022.


Opatic atrophy 1 (Opa1) is a mitochondrial GTPase that regulates mitochondrial fusion and maintenance of cristae architecture. Osteoclasts are mitochondrial rich-cells. However, the role of Opa1 in osteoclasts remains unclear. Here, we demonstrate that Opa1- deficient osteoclast precursor cells do not undergo efficient osteoclast differentiation and exhibit abnormal cristae morphology. Thus, Opa1 is a key factor in osteoclast differentiation through regulation of mitochondrial dynamics.