LncTarD 2.0: an updated comprehensive database for experimentally-supported functional lncRNA-target regulations in human diseases

Nucleic Acids Res. 2023 Jan 6;51(D1):D199-D207. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkac984.


An updated LncTarD 2.0 database provides a comprehensive resource on key lncRNA-target regulations, their influenced functions and lncRNA-mediated regulatory mechanisms in human diseases. LncTarD 2.0 is freely available at (http://bio-bigdata.hrbmu.edu.cn/LncTarD or https://lnctard.bio-database.com/). LncTarD 2.0 was updated with several new features, including (i) an increased number of disease-associated lncRNA entries, where the current release provides 8360 key lncRNA-target regulations, with 419 disease subtypes and 1355 lncRNAs; (ii) predicted 3312 out of 8360 lncRNA-target regulations as potential diagnostic or therapeutic biomarkers in circulating tumor cells (CTCs); (iii) addition of 536 new, experimentally supported lncRNA-target regulations that modulate properties of cancer stem cells; (iv) addition of an experimentally supported clinical application section of 2894 lncRNA-target regulations for potential clinical application. Importantly, LncTarD 2.0 provides RNA-seq/microarray and single-cell web tools for customizable analysis and visualization of lncRNA-target regulations in diseases. RNA-seq/microarray web tool was used to mining lncRNA-target regulations in both disease tissue samples and CTCs blood samples. The single-cell web tools provide single-cell lncRNA-target annotation from the perspectives of pan-cancer analysis and cancer-specific analysis at the single-cell level. LncTarD 2.0 will be a useful resource and mining tool for the investigation of the functions and mechanisms of lncRNA deregulation in human disease.

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