Spatial definition of the human progesterone receptor-B transcriptional complex

iScience. 2022 Oct 10;25(11):105321. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2022.105321. eCollection 2022 Nov 18.


We report the quaternary structure of core transcriptional complex for the full-length human progesterone receptor-B (PR-B) homodimer with primary coactivator steroid receptor coactivator-2 (SRC-2) and the secondary coactivator p300/CREB-binding protein (CBP). The PR-B homodimer engages one SRC-2 mainly through its activation function 1 (AF1) in N-terminus. SRC-2 is positioned between PR-B and p300 leaving space for direct interaction between PR-B and p300 through PR-B's C-terminal AF2 and its unique AF3. Direct AF3/p300 interaction provides long-desired structural insights into the known functional differences between PR-B and the PR-A isoform lacking AF3. We reveal the contributions of each AF and demonstrate their structural basis in forming the PR-B dimer interface and PR-B/coactivator complex. Comparison of the PR-B/coactivator complex with other steroid receptor (estrogen receptor and androgen receptor) complexes also shows that each receptor has its unique mechanism for recruiting coactivators due to the highly variable N-termini among receptors.

Keywords: Endocrinology; Structural biology.